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By | June 25, 2015
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Bodyweight Burn System Review

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If you always feel lack of time for working out and losing weight. So, Why don’t you look at our Bodyweight Burn review about a quick weight loss program which can help you achieve a perfect body weight only within 12 weeks. You will need about 21 minutes each day but the efficiency is very surpurising. You can lose up to 21 pounds of excessive fat only with 21 minutes each day for each week.

Overview about The Bodyweight Burn system

The Bodyweight Burn system is the latest guide for weight loss. It was made by Ryan Murdoch and Adam Steer who is also the authors of Bodyweight Blueprint and Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. The revolutionary solutions in the program will help you lose weight very fast and get a attractive shape at your own home without any special equipment and tools for working out.

The Bodyweight Burn system has another name is BW3 Wokrout, it includes three great kinds of exercises including: metabolic-muscle, cardioflow and afterburner. All of them only last about 21 minutes each days and concentrate on utilizing your body weight . and you do not use any tools or equipment for exercising.

Bodyweight Burn System video review

What will you learn in The Bodyweight Burn system?

The workout routines is split into two part or six weeks. Besides, each day, Ryan Murdoch and Adam Steer combine between physical exercises and healthy eating plans in order for you to lose excessive fat quickly.

Afterburner workout: it is considered as a very high intensity cardio exercises which can help you to burn a large amount of excessive fat only short time. After working out about 24-38 hours, the intensive workout can help you burn excess fat.

Cardio flow workout in the program is a great chain of weight loss exercise which are very efficient and they are put in a long series of movements which are continuous with no rest and no break. These exercises are various movements which only take you a little time in order to get the results. This efficient kind of cardio exercise place you in right zone of buring fat while they can also enable you to relief after performing intensive movements of intense afterburner exercises. In addition, you will be provide a flow chart which will help you remember the next movement and keep track of your progress.

Bodyweight Burn System guideMetabolic-Muscle Workout: the main target of this kind of exercise is to set up and keep toned muscle in order that you can burn more excessive fat and a significant amount of calories all the day.
There are many options for you like a 3 minute cool-down, a 7 minute muscle workout and a 3-minute warm up exercise. If you are really interested in benefits provided by The Bodyweight Burn system, you can continuously look at the following information:

Part 1: Metabolic Base. This phase last about 6 weeks. The main target of the first six-week stage is to build toned muscle mass in order that you can improve your metabolism and the metabolic system . after that, you will begin turn into fat-burning mode. In the during this stage, you will be provided a 7-day routine which includes 2 afterburner, 2 metabolic-muscle and 2 cardioflow exercises. The rest of this routin is the 7th. In this day, there is no exercise in order for you to recovery.

Part 2: metabolic Explosion. This stage also last about 6 weeks. It includes two exercises which will help you increase the rate of burning fat process. However, this phrase is rather difficult because the exercises provided in this phrase are rather high intensity. In this phrase, you will be provided 2 metabolic-muscle exercises and 4 different afterburner workouts. In this stage, there are not any cardioflow exercise. And the last day of this phrase is a rest day in order for you to recovery.

Besides, in the program, you will be provided Carb-synch diet system which is a great plan. It was specially designed for the whole program strategically. This plan combines with each exercise each day in order that you can lose weight more expensive. The main principles of this plan are based on the strategic rotation of carbohydrates with the efficient calorie-burning exercises.

In The Bodyweight Burn system, Ryan Murdoch and Adam Steer also shows you about 5 vairous kinds of days include: backloead, good carb, moderate carb, low carb and 24-hour fast. However, each week, you will have 2 special days. In this time, you can eat any food you want. Furthermore, in the program you will know exactly which food you should include in your daily meal. They are yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, raw and dry nuts, sweet potato, fish, eggs, organic meats, fruit , vegetables, white rice, quinoa, olive oil, coconut and more.


  • Most of exercises and eating plans provided in The Bodyweight Burn system are easy and simple to follow. Beside guide videos, you will also be provided illustrative videos which will help you perform exercise easily and more efficiently.
  • In the program, you will be provided great instructions which can assist you in building a nutrition plan which is proper for you. Furthermore, Ryan Murdoch and Adam Steer also provide you a detailed list of healthy foods which can help you set up daily eating meals easily and efficiently.
  • The Bodyweight Burn system comes with a full refund policy.
  • The exercises for weight loss are easy and simple. Therefore, you can perform them at any place and at any time without using any special tool or equipment.
  • The Bodyweight Burn system provides you a amazing results. You can lose up to 21 pounds only a short period of time.


To be familiar with the workouts provided in The Bodyweight Burn system, firstly of all, you need to wath the guides carefully. It is essential for you to know exactly what you need to do, and exactly movement you need to follow properly.


If you want to lose weight and build lean muscle quickly. The Bodyweight Burn system is really efficient guide for you. It is a great combination between efficient exercises with a healthy eating plan which ensure you can lose up to 21 pounds in 12 weeks.

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